Building carbon, LCA and circularity solutions


At Lifecycle Sustainability we are passionate about improving the carbon, environmental and resource impact of construction projects and buildings.


We offer the following building life cycle assessment (LCA) and circular economy services and more to support clients and project teams in realising their net zero carbon and sustainability goals, and associated UK planning and compliance requirements.


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Embodied Carbon Assessment

To measure and reduce carbon from materials used in a construction project. Scope can be 'upfront' only or over the building's whole life.


Guided by EN 15978 and the RICS Whole Life Carbon methodology. 


Supports net zero carbon and offsetting for a construction project. 

Whole Life Carbon Assessment

An embodied carbon assessment, plus inclusion of operational emissions (e.g. gas, electricity and water), over the building's life.


Guided by EN 15978 and RICS Whole Life Carbon methodology.


Required by the GLA, RICS, RIBA, LETI and UKGBC.

BREEAM Life Cycle Assessment / Mat 01

An embodied carbon assessment, but can include other environmental impact results in addition to carbon.


Guided by EN 15978 and BREEAM requirements.


A significant source of BREEAM credits.


Circular Economy and CES

Supporting clients and design teams in applying circularity strategies (e.g. reuse, less waste and maintenance, easier reuse in the future).


CE principles help reduce embodied carbon.


A Circular Economy Statement (CES) is required by the GLA.

Sustainability Strategy

- Supporting clients with building related ESG/Sustainability strategies.


- Development of project or organisational carbon and circularity requirements for buildings, including target setting and reporting.

- Awareness raising workshops, training and CPD sessions.

Standards and verification

- Verification of assessments by others. 


- Standards development and technical writing.


- 3rd Party verification of Mat 01 assessment can gain an exemplary BREEAM credit. The GLA requires whole life carbon assessments to be verified.



Lifecycle Sustainability was founded in 2022 by Daniel Doran.


Dan's origins are in design and construction, having spent over ten years as a designer at UK and international architecture practices.


Dan then worked at the UK Building Research Establishment (BRE) for twelve years where he developed IMPACT, one of the UK's first successful building LCA solutions, now integrated into leading commercial building LCA software. He then went on to lead the technical development of life cycle assessment (LCA), circularity and responsible sourcing methodologies in BREEAM schemes, including the transition to building LCA from the Green Guide.


Before founding Lifecycle Sustainability, Dan worked in sustainability consultancy, with management responsibility for delivering building LCA, embodied carbon, whole life carbon and circular economy services for a wide range of clients and construction projects.


Since 2019, Dan has been a member of the British Standards Institute B/558 and CEN TC 350 technical committees developing LCA and other construction sustainability European standards including EN 15978.


Dan is the Technical Writer for the UK Net Zero Carbon Building Standard.



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